H U G S 

We offer meaningful holiday celebrations for children and adults of all ages with special needs.  Religious services vary and may include some or all of the following:

Adaptive prayer books and learning materials

Singing and musical instruments

Visual enhancement such as posters or videos

Participation at all levels is welcome and encouraged

Hands-on exploration of holiday and Shabbat ritual items

Traditional foods  (including Shabbat dinner, Kiddush lunch, and more!)

Creative craft projects

HUGS is a collaborative effort of thirteen north suburban synagogues and temples, representing the Conservative and Reform Movements.  

About Us

  • Programs are held in spaces that are accessible to all. 
  • A "quiet room" is always available, be sure to inquire when you arrive so you know the location. 
  • If you require sign language interpretation, please call in advance so this can be arranged. 
  • Please notify us if there are allergies or dietary restrictions so we can accommodate your needs.
  • HUGS programs are for you and your family -  let us know how we can make the programs accessible and enjoyable for you

Family members or caregivers are welcome at all events. We encourage siblings, parents and grandparents to worship, observe  and celebrate together in the synagogue! 

Most events are FREE to members of our community, although some programs that include a meal may have a per person charge.  Kashrut is observed.  Registration is always recommended to assure adequate staff and supplies.